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Welcome to our pages, we are Don & Lindsey and we live in the north Buckinghamshire village of Hanslope.


As small hobby breeders, we have only a handful of kittens each year and our priories are health, temperament and type.  Most of our kittens go to their new homes as  family pets and a permanent loving home is a prerequisite for all our kittens.


Our kittens are raised in the house as part of the family,  we mix them with our adult cats once they are able to hold their own.  This ensures that they are usually bomb-proof by the time they leave us and are used to all the usual day-to-day activities in a home.


Sadly we no longer breed Birmans, as work commitments meant that something had to give, so we now focus our attention on breeding Norwegians.  Our four Birmans continue to remain an active part of the family, their loving and gentle character makes them great family pets, although they are all getting on a little now.  


We are proud to be one of the most longstanding NFC catteries in the UK, welcoming our first NFC in 1989 and gaining our foundation queen in 1992.  Over the years, we have bred some very successful show and breeding cats.  It has been a great pleasure to see the breed progress in the UK and the quality of the exhibits now being shown rivals that of the continent.


Lindsey became a GCCF Judge in 2005 and is now full Judge of Birman, Norwegians, Maine Coons, Somalis, Siberians, Ragamuffins and Ragdolls. She's also a probationer judge of Turkish Vans.  She carries out a number of judging engagements at GCCF shows throughout the year, her Judge reports can be found by following the links to the GCCF page. 


From time to time,  when work and judging commitments allow, we still show our own cats but this tends to take a back seat these days.


Cat chat and enquires always welcome.