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Our Cats

Tommy and Lily our first Birmans, arrived in 1989. Like most people we had no intention of increasing the numbers, or breeding, or showing. But ....


Seeing one of the early Norwegian Forest Cat litters we increased the numbers to three with the addition of Theo in 1990.  Lindsey has had a passion for Blue cats since childhood, which is probably why so many of our cats are blue or blue tabby! Our first litter of kittens were born in 1992 and we have enjoyed all aspects of this ever more consuming hobby ever since.


We have always been actively involved in the cat fancy behind the scenes as well as enjoying exhibiting our cats at the various Cat Show around the country.  Lindsey has recently become a Full GCCF Judge of both Birmans & Norwegian Forest Cats and is enjoying having the opportunity to Judge these wonderful breeds for herself.


We are currently surrounded by 3 Birmans, 8 Forest Cats and a Maine Coon, all live happily together in our home. We are fortunate to have the space for a large enclosed run adjoining the house so that they may enjoy fresh air and sunshine in complete safety.


We usually have kittens each year, normally around late spring and early summer. Please visit the pages on the left for more specific information.