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At Stud


Our new stud "Harry" arrived early in 2011, he takes over from his predecessor Mac (see below) who has now been neutered. Harry comes to us from Linda Grant's Noynarock pedigree. Harry is at private stud.







Our foundation stud, Danish Designs Blå Gagol is a blue mackerel tabby with white. Known as "Mac" he was bred by Martin Kristensen based in Germany. 


He traces much of his ancestry back to the same source as our much missed Nipa Burtint Felis Jubatus.

Photos of Mac below. 



C: Martin Kristensen                     C: Alan Robinson    C: Alan Robinson 

May 2001          March 2002       Dec 2003          "Mac the Mouth!!"


Mac sired huge kittens with excellent type and fantastic temperaments.  See the "Magnificent Seven" below:-


C: Alan Robinson