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Bcc.gif (5883 bytes)  Birman Cat Club nsk1.gif (1717 bytes) Norwegian Forest Cat Club
SBBCC_logosx1.gif (29293 bytes)   Seal and Blue Point Birman nsslogo.gif (4584 bytes)  Norsk Skogkatt Society
 Governing Council of the Cat Fancy  Feline Advisory Bureau
Links to other breeders      
 Av Fager NFC's - Ulrike Wahl & Martin Kristensen - Germany Isadoryou Maine Coons - Tania Murray
 Felis Jubatus NFC's - Jette Eva Madsen - Denmark Koonikki Maine Coons - Fiona Nicholls
Breeders with Vanaheim Kittens      
www.kvasir.co.uk Beverley Spooner owns Champion Vanaheim Wish    
Julie does not have a webpage but can be contacted on 01304 361093. Julie Comer owns Vanaheim Promise    
www.baggins-nfc.com Kaz Goodfellow owns Vanaheim Morgan Le Fay    
www.hometown.aol.co.uk/mrsshearwood/GBMIYODAnfcs.html Maria Shearwood- Vazquez owns Vanaheim Gwenhwyfar
 Excellent Windows based package for pedigrees and so much more.  White paws, blue eyes, great site
 Best Of Breeds Internet Directory snowkats.jpg (43687 bytes)  THE SITE for white cats
 Jan and Chris provide everything your cat has ever wanted and a lot more besides    
 Cats, cats and more cats. Alan's photos reflect the true character of each subject.  Many of the photo's of our cats have been taken by Alan himself.  You can see the fabulous pictures on a number of our Webpages.