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In Memorium

Losing a loved pet is never easy, but a friend sent us a copy of the Rainbow Bridge and we hope you, like us, find some comfort in its words. Double click on the pictures to see a larger picture.


Theo.jpg (141451 bytes) Theo (01/06/90 - 01/05/96) a gentle giant.  One of the first litters born in the UK.  If we had not seen Theo at 3 weeks old we would never have got into NFC's. 
Heidi 6 yrs.jpg (385075 bytes) Heidi (01/04/92 - 01/03/99) sadly missed.  The Vanaheim Norwegians foundation queen.  She was the archetypal NFC for me.
Lily1.jpg (212023 bytes) Lily  (Jococa Tiger Lily - Seal Point)  (25/10/89 - 16/08/02) Our first Birman female. Very much a lap cat, as soon as Lindsey sat down Lily was always only a paw or two behind. Much missed.  
Tommy.jpg (463569 bytes) Once an adolescent, Tommy (Schwemeydaw Sopwith - Blue Point) (26/10/89 - 28/09/03) was neutered and since then always put himself first, never straying too far from the nearest bed.  With Lily, Tommy was the start of it all.  Sadly missed.
Ayisha (Vanaheim Ayisha - Black) (26/07/94 - 3/12/05) was the peacemaker of the group, if anyone got out of hand she simply put one of her massive paws on their head and all was calm once more. Ayisha was Heidi's daughter.  She battled cancer bravely for three years and is much missed.
Kaona (Ch Dubrova Kaona - Blue Point) (23/04/94 - 25/02/11) came to use from Pam Collins. The quietest cat of all, would like nothing better than to sit beside us on the sofa and watch the telly. Leaves the house feeling very empty