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Wooky (Gr Ch & Gr Pr Vanaheim The Jabbawok - Green Eyed White)  Dodo's son, was the kitten no-one wanted, all we asked was that someone show him from time to time.  But once he got his paws under the table no-one was quite good enough for him.  So he stayed, and became a Grand Champion before he reached 17 months old, and became Overall Best Exhibit at the NFCC Show 2 years running. Not a bad start. - Now neutered



Mac ( Danish Design's Bla Gajol - Blue Mackerel Tabby & White)  Mac joined us in June of 2001 having completed his Pet passport qualifying period at home in Denmark.  Mac is a super, big soppy boy and we have great hopes of kittens from him and Dodo.  Mac's paternal Great Grandmother is Heidi's litter sister Gwynne Vaughan.  So with Mac we feel we have a bit of Heidi back, he does have the same "Don't mess with me" expression.  See Mac's page for more news. - Now neutered



Beth (Ch Kyrrekatt Elizabeth Glamis - Blue Cream) came to live with us in July 2002.  She is a delightful kitten with wonderful type and a lovely but quiet temperament.  Beth has already had some lovely kittens who are doing very well on the show bench. - Now neutered



Phaedra (Vanaheim Phaedra - Blue, Tortie & White) Was born in early 2009, a kitten from Beth and Mac. A stunning looking girl, she has the size and strength required of this hardy breed.



Keiko (Vanaheim Keiko - Blue Tabby) Was born in 2009, a kitten from Tilly and Kothcastas Leo . Already firm friends with Phaedra, they compete to see who can get into the most trouble



Finn (Verdicatz Finn - Odd Eyed White)  is a mad, but very loving, little kitten who joined us in 2005.  She has wonderful type and a fabulous temperament and purrsonality.  - Now neutered



Koora (Vanaheim Koora - Tortie & White) is a gentle and loving, little kitten.  She has a fabulous show temperament and we have high hopes for her.