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Pedigree Of Noynarock Haareg of Vanaheim
Sex Male
Breed Norwegian Forest Cat
Variety Blue Tabby & White (67 31at)
D.o.B 20/08/2010
Breeder Mrs Linda Grant
Owner Lindsey Grant
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Champion Noynarock Saryman
Blue Silver Tabby & White (67 31ats)
Uk Grand Champion Little Tin Soldier Felis Audax DK
Odd Eyed White (67 14b)
Kindilan Felis Audax DK
GIC Titania Felis Audax DK
Orange Eyed White (67 14a)
Adtrelo Mistryblue
Blue Silver Tabby & White (67 31ats)
Elvdal's Mane Magnar
Brown Tabby (67 20)
Admewlo Amber
Tortie Silver Tabby & White (67 31ets)
Champion Noynarock Anya
Blue Tabby & White (67 31at)
Tigressans Tippo (Imp)
Blue Tabby & White (67 31at)
S* Gomorrans Totmes
Red Tabby & White (67 31dt)
S* Gomorrans Blueshine
Blue & White (67 31a)
Champion Noynarock Olivia Dunderkattens Severin (Imp)
Brown Tabby (67 20)
Cookamista Athasbeag
Tortie Tabby & White (67 31et)
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